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Dispute Resolution

We help you achieve a fair and cost effective solution to any dispute

Dispute Resolution is an essential part of the overall services offered by our firm

At ebl miller rosenfalck, we can negotiate, mediate or even litigate as appropriate and in accordance with the clients’ wishes or requirements.

We have built a reputation in advancing or defending our clients’ interests based upon both commercial and other considerations to achieve a fair and cost effective solution to any dispute in which our client has either a direct or indirect involvement. In many cases, urgent and rapid action is required to protect the interests of our clients. This can take the form of urgent Court relief by way of an injunction and/or such other procedural steps.


Our team are experienced experts in dispute resolution

Our team of expert dispute resolution lawyers have a wealth of experience gained at both top City and medium sized London firms and we work very closely with our clients to ensure that their commercial objective is met. We also have experience of working for high net worth individuals and protecting their interests as, and when, the occasion demands.

Our clients

Clients and budgets

Our clients are kept fully informed with regard to costs and we can offer to agree a fixed budget, or provide estimates, at the outset to ensure that clients are aware of their potential exposure.

Meet our team who are specialised in Dispute Resolution

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