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Commercial Property

We advice those from the investment sector, developers, lenders and landlords

ebl miller rosenfalck acts on behalf of a wide range of businesses and individuals ensuring that any queries or issues that arise are dealt with expeditiously and effectively. Our property team advises a broad range of clients, including those from the investment sector, developers (of commercial, residential and mixed use buildings), lenders and landlords operating principally in the property sphere to end users such as retail and corporate occupiers from a variety of commercial sectors.

What can the property team do for you?

Commercial property purchases

We are experienced in helping companies with their commercial property purchases and can save your company time and money by helping you find the right property along with the right commercial mortgage. If you are looking into buying an existing business, buying commercial property for your business or making a commercial property buy to let, get in touch with us and we will advise and guide you in making the purchase of your commercial property as smooth as possible.

Commercial property sales

We can help you with your Commercial Property sales. We will ensure that you not only get what you want from the sale of your commercial property, but also know the full details of the sale and the agreement reached. We will work with you so that you get through any problems that may arise and to hasten the actions of the other parties involved. We also have experience in dealing with stamp duty queries, planning issues and can advise you on the financial side of the commercial property sale.

Investment Property and Portfolio Development

The area of investment property can be lucrative and looking into portfolio development can reap great rewards if done correctly and with awareness of the risks involved. We can offer you advice and consultation on diversification of your existing portfolio and other issues relating to portfolio development and investment property.

Option, Overage and Clawback Agreements

Sale contracts can be conditional on some event occurring within a specified time. Often the condition is the buyer obtaining planning permission to develop or change the use of the property. If the condition is satisfied, the seller and buyer are committed to proceeding. Options are more one sided; the buyer can decide whether or not it wants to buy, within the option period. For capital gains tax purposes in such cases, the disposal occurs when a conditional contract becomes unconditional, or when an option is exercised – so tax planning in advance is important. “Overage” or “clawback” agreement, by which sellers reserve the right to share in future increases in the value of a property (e.g. on the grant of planning permission), are becoming increasingly common.

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