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Reorganisations in Europe

Reorganisations in Europe

A corporate reorganisation across jurisdictions does not have to create chaos. But many do when there is no clear plan for communicating with employees and other stakeholders early, often, and over an extended period.

Most executives and their employees dread corporate reorganisations.  There are many causes of the fear, paranoia, uncertainty, and distraction that seemingly accompany any major reorganisation (or “reorg,” a common shorthand for them in many companies). In our experience, though, one of the biggest and most fundamental error companies make is failing to engage people, or at least forgetting to do so early enough in the process.

In many jurisdictions, particularly in Europe, a timely engagement of workers is not just about employment relations but constitutes a legal requirement. On the flipside, ignorance of such obligations is never an excuse but has got the potential of derailing the entire reorganisation project.

Our team co-authored and is the editor of  the leading legal practitioners’ textbook on restructuring in Europe, and we frequently work with top-level employment advisers  in each member state of the EU and beyond We have the experience and expertise to support your planning process and project manage the implementation or your cross-border reorganisation.

If there are any cross-border aspects which involve Belgium, France or Germany then we can introduce you to our ebl teams in those countries, or with our connections in other jurisdictions via our membership of Warwick Legal Network.

Please contact Edzard Clifton-Dey for further information.

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