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Employment Law Advice for Senior Executives

Employment Law Advice for Senior Executives

Employment law is our key area of practice, and our largest and most experienced team. Our employment lawyers act for employers and senior executive employees. This provides our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the tactics, pressure points and commercial concerns used by either side.

We advise senior executive clients across all sectors, to understand their rights and obligations and to maximise their financial packages. Whilst empathetic to our clients, actively listening to their concerns, we act on our client’s instructions in the strongest possible way, to leverage a successful outcome.

We build strategies to achieve the personal or commercial objectives of our clients. Senior executives come to us to attain compensation and to advocate for them and the way that they have been treated. The types of claims range from: discrimination, whistleblowing, bonus/incentive award cases, and bullying and harassment, dismissals/redundancy to High Court injunctive claims.

Our team are adept at negotiating high-value settlements, and successful in negotiating key. non-financial terms which clients would not be able to achieve in the employment tribunal or High Court. Where litigation cannot be avoided, we use our experience and commitment to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, working with leading barristers who carry out the advocacy.

We explain complicated issues and risks clearly and drawing upon the specialities and experience of our team. We work with our clients to resolve disputes confidentially and creatively.

We are often the first call for senior executives who require strategic employment law advice. Whether this be when they are starting a new role, when they are considering their position at their existing employer, when they are leaving to join another employer, whether you need advice on their restrictive covenants, when they wish to bring a grievance or bring a claim in the employment tribunal, defend the claim in the High Court, or when they want to set up their own business.

Our multilingual employment team (English, Danish and German) advise senior executive client can discuss the background to the matter in that language. This gives another layer of comfort and support to our international clients.

“I was very positively impressed by the quality and precision of the legal services, from the written communications, to the professional skills of the project team, as well as how the whole team was led and managed. From the cost point of view, it was well explained, cost by cost, hour by hour and delivered on budget. Having a UK based legal team available with fluent German language skills made working together with ebl miller rosenfalck a very straight forward experience.”

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If you need employment law advice and want to speak to a specialist employment lawyer then please get in touch. Our specialist team is headed by Philip Henson. The employment team comprises lawyers who speak fluent English, German and Danish.

+44 (0)20 7553 9930//[email protected]

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