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Our team cuts through the complex rules and jargon to make your goal a reality

Our specialist immigration team smoothly navigates the UK’s fast changing immigration rules to help realise business dreams

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a bold business plan for the UK, a company recruiting or transferring international talent, or a family wanting to make your home here, our team cuts through the complex rules and jargon to make your goal a reality. We also advise high net worth investors and entrepreneurs starting a business in the UK.

Each client is given a key point of contact who will provide tailored advice and updates on the process. For further information about the team and our prices, please click here.

Business Immigration

International is part of our DNA

Our international team advises employers of all sizes from all parts of the world on all kinds of business ventures. International is part of our DNA.

We are an approved service provider by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT). In response to client demand, we have created specialist desks to assist our international and European corporate clients. In addition to English, most of our lawyers speak at least one other language or are qualified in another jurisdiction.

Meet our team who are specialised in Immigration

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