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Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements, also known as compromise agreements, are widely used by employers to resolve disputes with employees in exchange for compensation and is also used to facilitate the exit of an employee.

These agreements are legally binding and offer certainty on the terms on which either a dispute is resolved or on the terms of departure. Crucially, for employers it offers protection from risks of litigation. The employee in turn has clarity on the compensation they will receive and their obligations towards their employer.

It is a legal requirement that an employee must have independent legal advice on the settlement agreement.

Our team of highly experienced employment solicitors are capable of advising employers and employees.

Employers seeking to make use of a settlement agreement can rely on us to manage the entire process and to negotiate all aspects of the agreement with the employee in question.

Our team also regularly advises senior executives and high net worth individuals. We negotiate on their behalf to get them the best settlement possible.

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